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Calder, Eric (D) Jul 26, 1963 Kitchener, ON, CAN
Camazzola, Anthony (D) Sep 11, 1962 Vancouver, BC, CAN
Carey, Jim (G) May 31, 1974 Dorchester, MA, USA
Carey, Paul (C) WSH Sep 24, 1988 Boston, MA, USA
Carlson, John (D) WSH Jan 10, 1990 Natick, MA, USA
Carlson, Kent (D) Jan 11, 1962 Concord, NH, USA
Carpenter, Robert (C) Jul 13, 1963 Beverly, MA, USA
Carrick, Connor (D) TOR Apr 13, 1994 Orland Park, IL, USA
Carroll, Gregory (C) Oct 10, 1956 Gimley, MB, CAN
Carter, Anson (R) Jun 6, 1974 Toronto, ON, CAN
Cassels, Andrew (C) Jul 23, 1969 Bramalea, ON, CAN
Cassivi, Frederic (G) Jun 12, 1975 Sorel, QC, CAN
Cassolato, Anthony (R) May 7, 1956 Guelph, ON, CAN
Cavallini, Paul (D) Oct 13, 1965 Toronto, ON, CAN
Chambers, Shawn (D) Oct 11, 1966 Sterling Heights, MI, USA
Charpentier, Sebastien (G) Apr 18, 1977 Drummondville, QC, CAN
Charron, Eric (D) Jan 14, 1970 Verdun, QC, CAN
Charron, Guy (C) Jan 24, 1949 Verdun, QC, CAN
Chasse, Denis (R) Feb 7, 1970 Montreal, QC, CAN
Chimera, Jason (L) WSH May 2, 1979 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Chorney, Taylor (D) WSH Apr 27, 1987 Thunder Bay, ON, CAN
Chorske, Tom (R) Sep 18, 1966 Minneapolis, MN, USA
Christian, Dave (R) May 12, 1959 Warroad, MN, USA
Church, Brad (L) Nov 14, 1976 Dauphin, NB, CAN
Ciccarelli, Dino (R) Feb 8, 1960 Sarnia, ON, CAN
Ciccone, Enrico (D) Apr 10, 1970 Montreal, QC, CAN
Ciernik, Ivan (L) Oct 30, 1977 Levice, SVK
Clark, Chris (R) Mar 8, 1976 South Windsor, CT, USA
Clement, William (C) Dec 20, 1950 Buckingham, QC, CAN
Clippingdale, Steven (L) Apr 29, 1956 Vancouver, BC, CAN
Clymer, Ben (D) Apr 11, 1978 Bloom, MN, USA
Collins, Bill (R) Jul 13, 1943 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Collins, Sean (D) Oct 30, 1983 Troy, MI, USA
Collins, Sean (C) WSH Dec 29, 1988 Saskatoon, SK, CAN
Conner, Chris (R) PHI Dec 23, 1983 Westland, MI, USA
Cooke, Matt (L) Sep 7, 1978 Belleville, ON, CAN
Corrinet, Chris (R) Oct 29, 1978 Trumbull, CT, USA
Corriveau, Yvon (L) Feb 8, 1967 Welland, ON, CAN
Corvo, Joe (D) Jun 20, 1977 Oak Park, IL, USA
Cote, Alain (D) Apr 14, 1967 Montmagny, QC, CAN
Cote, Sylvain (D) Jan 19, 1966 Quebec City, QC, CAN
Coulis, Timothy (L) Feb 24, 1958 Kenora, ON, CAN
Courtnall, Geoff (L) Aug 18, 1962 Duncan, BC, CAN
Cowick, Bruce (L) Aug 18, 1951 Victoria, BC, CAN
Crabb, Joey (R) Apr 3, 1983 Anchorage, AK, USA
Crawford, Robert (R) Apr 6, 1959 Belleville, ON, CAN
Cronin, Shawn (D) Aug 20, 1963 Joliet, IL, USA
Crozier, Roger (G) Mar 16, 1942 Bracebridge, ON, CAN
Curran, Brian (D) Nov 5, 1963 Toronto, ON, CAN
Currie, Glen (C) Jul 18, 1958 Lachine, QC, CAN
Cutta, Jakub (D) Dec 29, 1981 Jablonec Nad Nisou, CZE
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