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Adams, John (G) Jul 27, 1946 Port Arthur, ON, CAN
Anderson, Murray (D) Aug 28, 1949 The Pas, MB, CAN
Anderson, Ron (R) Jan 21, 1950 Moncton, NB, CAN
Atkinson, Steve (R) Oct 16, 1948 Toronto, ON, CAN
Bailey, Garnet (L) Jun 13, 1948 Lloydminster, SK, CAN
Belhumeur, Michel (G) Sep 2, 1949 Sorel, QC, CAN
Bloom, Mike (L) Apr 12, 1952 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Brooks, Gordon (L) Sep 11, 1950 Cobourg, ON, CAN
Brossart, Willie (D) May 29, 1949 Allan, SK, CAN
Cowick, Bruce (L) Aug 18, 1951 Victoria, BC, CAN
Dupere, Denis (L) Jun 21, 1948 Jonquiere, QC, CAN
Egers, Jack (R) Jan 28, 1949 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Fullan, Larry (L) Aug 11, 1949 Toronto, ON, CAN
Gilbertson, Stan (L) Oct 29, 1944 Duluth, MN, USA
Gryp, Bob (L) May 6, 1950 Chatham, ON, CAN
Hrycuik, Jim (C) Oct 7, 1949 Rosthern, SK, CAN
Joly, Gregory (D) May 30, 1954 Calgary, AB, CAN
Jones, Ron (D) Apr 11, 1951 Vermilion, AB, CAN
Kryskow, Dave (L) Dec 25, 1951 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Labre, Yvon (D) Nov 29, 1949 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Laframboise, Pete (L) Jan 18, 1950 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Lalonde, Robert (C) Oct 30, 1952 Toronto, ON, CAN
Lesuk, William (R) Nov 1, 1946 Moose Jaw, SK, CAN
Low, Ronald (G) Jun 21, 1950 Birtle, MB, CAN
Lundrigan, Joe (D) Sep 12, 1948 Corner Brook, NL, CAN
Lynch, Jack (D) May 28, 1952 Toronto, ON, CAN
Marson, Michael (R) Jul 24, 1955 Scarborough, ON, CAN
Mikkelson, Bill (D) May 21, 1948 Neepawa, MB, CAN
Mohns, Doug (L) Dec 13, 1933 Capreol, ON, CAN
Morrison, Lew (R) Feb 11, 1948 Gainsborough, SK, CAN
Nicholson, Paul (L) Feb 16, 1954 London, ON, CAN
Peloffy, Andre (C) Feb 25, 1951 Sete, FRA
Pyatt, Frederick (C) Sep 9, 1953 Port Arthur, ON, CAN
Riley, James (R) Sep 20, 1950 Amherst, NS, CAN
Seiling, Rod (D) Nov 14, 1944 Kitchener, ON, CAN
Smith, Gordon (D) Nov 17, 1949 Perth, ON, CAN
Stewart, Blair (L) Mar 15, 1953 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
White, Anthony (L) Jun 16, 1954 Grand Falls, NL, CAN
Williams, Tommy (R) Apr 17, 1940 Duluth, MN, USA
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