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Babcock, Bob (D) Aug 3, 1968 Agincourt, ON, CAN
Beaupre, Donald (G) Sep 19, 1961 Waterloo, ON, CAN
Bergland, Timothy (R) Jan 11, 1965 Crookston, MN, USA
Bondra, Peter (R) Feb 7, 1968 Luck, UKR
Ciccarelli, Dino (R) Feb 8, 1960 Sarnia, ON, CAN
Druce, John (R) Feb 23, 1966 Peterborough, ON, CAN
Felix, Christohpher (D) May 27, 1964 Toronto, ON, CAN
Ferner, Mark (D) Sep 5, 1965 Regina, SK, CAN
Greenlaw, Jeff (L) Feb 28, 1968 Toronto, ON, CAN
Hatcher, Kevin (D) Sep 9, 1966 Detroit, MI, USA
Hrivnak, Jim (G) May 28, 1968 Montreal, QC, CAN
Hunter, Dale (C) Jul 31, 1960 Petrolia, ON, CAN
Iafrate, Al (D) Mar 21, 1966 Dearborn, MI, USA
Johansson, Calle (D) Feb 14, 1967 Gothenburg, SWE
Joyce, Robert (L) Jul 11, 1966 St. John, NB, CAN
Khristich, Dmitri (R) Jul 23, 1969 Kiev, UKR
Kordic, John (R) Mar 22, 1965 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Kypreos, Nicholas (L) Jun 4, 1966 Toronto, ON, CAN
Lalor, Michael (D) Mar 8, 1963 Buffalo, NY, USA
Langway, Rod (D) May 3, 1957 Maaq, TWN
Leach, Stephen (R) Jan 16, 1966 Cambridge, MA, USA
Liut, Michael (G) Jan 7, 1956 Weston, ON, CAN
Lovsin, Kenneth (D) Dec 4, 1966 Peace River, AB, CAN
Maltais, Steve (L) Jan 25, 1969 Arvida, QC, CAN
May, Alan (L) Jan 14, 1967 Barrhead, AB, CAN
Miller, Kelly (L) Mar 3, 1963 Lansing, MI, USA
Murray, Rob (C) Apr 4, 1967 Toronto, ON, CAN
Paynter, Kent (D) Apr 27, 1965 Summerside, PE, CAN
Pivonka, Michal (C) Jan 28, 1966 Kladno, CZE
Purves, John (R) Feb 12, 1968 Toronto, ON, CAN
Quenneville, Joel (D) Sep 15, 1958 Windsor, ON, CAN
Ridley, Michael (C) Jul 8, 1963 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Rouse, Robert (D) Jun 18, 1964 Surrey, BC, CAN
Sabourin, Ken (D) Apr 28, 1966 Scarborough, ON, CAN
Savage, Reginald (C) May 1, 1970 Montreal, QC, CAN
Seftel, Steve (L) May 14, 1968 Kitchener, ON, CAN
Tatarinov, Mikhail (D) Jul 16, 1966 Irkutsk, RUS
Tippett, Dave (L) Aug 25, 1961 Moosomin, SK, CAN
Turcotte, Alfie (C) Jan 5, 1965 Gary, IN, USA
Zezel, Peter (C) Apr 22, 1965 Toronto, ON, CAN
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