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Acton, Keith (C) Apr 15, 1958 Stouffville, ON, CAN
Allison, Jason (C) May 29, 1975 North York, ON, CAN
Anderson, Shawn (D) Feb 7, 1968 Montreal, QC, CAN
Beaupre, Donald (G) Sep 19, 1961 Waterloo, ON, CAN
Bergland, Timothy (R) Jan 11, 1965 Crookston, MN, USA
Berube, Craig (L) Dec 17, 1965 Calahoo, AB, CAN
Bondra, Peter (R) Feb 7, 1968 Luck, UKR
Burridge, Randy (L) Jan 7, 1966 Fort Erie, ON, CAN
Ciccone, Enrico (D) Apr 10, 1970 Montreal, QC, CAN
Cote, Sylvain (D) Jan 19, 1966 Quebec City, QC, CAN
Curran, Brian (D) Nov 5, 1963 Toronto, ON, CAN
Dafoe, Byron (G) Feb 25, 1971 Sussex, GBR
Elynuik, Pat (R) Oct 30, 1967 Foam Lake, SK, CAN
Hatcher, Kevin (D) Sep 9, 1966 Detroit, MI, USA
Hunter, Dale (C) Jul 31, 1960 Petrolia, ON, CAN
Iafrate, Al (D) Mar 21, 1966 Dearborn, MI, USA
Johansson, Calle (D) Feb 14, 1967 Gothenburg, SWE
Johnson, James (D) Sep 8, 1962 New Hope, MN, USA
Jones, Keith (R) Nov 8, 1968 Brantford, ON, CAN
Juneau, Joseph (C) Jan 5, 1968 Pont-Rouge, QC, CAN
Kaminski, Kevin (C) Mar 13, 1969 Churchbridge, SK, CAN
Khristich, Dmitri (R) Jul 23, 1969 Kiev, UKR
Kolzig, Olie (G) Apr 6, 1970 Johannesburg, ZAF
Konowalchuk, Steve (L) Nov 11, 1972 Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Krygier, Todd (L) Oct 12, 1965 Chicago Heights, MI, USA
May, Alan (L) Jan 14, 1967 Barrhead, AB, CAN
Miller, Kelly (L) Mar 3, 1963 Lansing, MI, USA
Nelson, Todd (D) May 15, 1969 Prince Albert, SK, CAN
Peake, Pat (C) May 28, 1973 Rochester, MI, USA
Pivonka, Michal (C) Jan 28, 1966 Kladno, CZE
Poulin, David (C) Dec 17, 1958 Timmins, ON, CAN
Reekie, Joseph (D) Feb 22, 1965 Victoria, BC, CAN
Ridley, Michael (C) Jul 8, 1963 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Slaney, John (D) Feb 7, 1972 St. John's, NL, CAN
Tabaracci, Richard (G) Jan 2, 1969 Toronto, ON, CAN
Woolley, Jason (D) Jul 27, 1969 Toronto, ON, CAN
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