Development Camp Blog: Madison Bowey Day 4

Thursday, 07.11.2013 / 11:44 AM

The scrimmage yesterday was pretty good, pretty competitive, so I like that a lot. It was fast paced and [the red team] got pretty dominated out there, so hopefully we can get some revenge [in the scrimmage] today. But I mean, it was nice playing a game for the first time in a while and having that competitive level again was definitely good. I enjoyed it a lot, and hopefully the next three games we can play better.

It was a little tough getting used to the game speed, because I haven’t played in a game since late April. Passes were a little off, so that was a little tough, but after the first two periods I was feeling pretty good. The first game’s under my belt, so now I’ll be able to play better in the upcoming scrimmages.

It was definitely a little weird playing against guys who were friends and essentially teammates, especially since we change in the same dressing room, even in between periods. That was definitely a little different but it was still really competitive since we’re all here trying to make the best impression.

It’s kind of surreal playing in front of [George McPhee and Adam Oates], I must say, but it’s not too nerve racking. I just have to play my game and that’s how I’m going to make the team eventually.

I haven’t been able to make it downtown and see the city and the monuments, besides the Nats game I went to [on Saturday night], so I may try and do that if I have enough free time, but I may have to wait until my next trip down here. I have a little break before this afternoon’s scrimmage so I’ll get some lunch now and then get a quick nap in so I’m ready to play.

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