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Goal for License Plate Applications Reached in Virginia

Friday, 01.8.2010 / 12:35 PM ET / Community
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Goal for License Plate Applications Reached in Virginia
The Washington Capitals surpassed their goal of 350 prepaid license plate applications in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Capitals are focusing on the next steps in the standard process to establish a special license plate as stipulated by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and are currently working with local legislators to draw up a bill that will be submitted to the Virginia General Assembly in the coming months. Approval of the bill by both the Senate and the House of Delegates will be needed to move forward. If the bill passes, the Capitals will then work with the Virginia DMV to develop the special license plate, including receiving approval of the plate design. At the earliest, plates will be issued during the second half of next season.

If you have any questions about the Caps License Plates Program, please email CapsLicensePlates@washcaps.com or call 202-266-2200. You may also visit WashingtonCaps.com/licenseplate. Please contact the Caps License Plates Program if you would like to make updates to the prepaid application you submitted.

At the milestone of 1,000 Caps Virginia license plates purchased, a portion of the proceeds from the $25 annual fee (or $35 annual fee for personalized plates) will benefit Washington Capitals Charities.
Created in 2000, Washington Capitals Charities offers unique resources and programs to other charities and organizations on behalf of the Washington Capitals. For more information on Washington Capitals Charities and to see the worthy nonprofit organizations that it has benefited visit WashingtonCaps.com