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Online Account and Ticketmaster TicketExchange FAQ

What is my online account manager?
My Capitals Account Manager lets you manage your season tickets quickly and easily.


  • Renew Your Account or Pay an Invoice – Renew before the deadline and qualify for the online sweepstakes!
  • Forward tickets to friends, family or clients via email. Additional fees may also include an authentication and ticketFast® delivery fee.
  • Post your tickets for resale on the Ticketmaster TicketExchange
  • Manage all tickets at a glance
If you do not have an account ID or password, please contact Capitals Guest Services at (202) 266-2350 or via email to

How do I sell my tickets?
Follow these simple steps:
  1. Visit
  2. Select the “Tickets” tab, then “Season-Ticket Holder Locker Room” and “Manage your Account”
  3. Log in using your account ID and password.
  4. Select Manage Your Tickets
  5. Select the tickets you would like to post
  6. Click to post them for sale – it’s that easy!
There is no fee for posting tickets and the process is secure - simply select the tickets you wish to sell, choose the selling price and the expiration date, and submit the listing. Editing your posting at any time is quick and easy.

Please note that any fraudulent ticket activity related to resale or ticket forwarding of your season tickets will result in the cancellation of your 2012-13 season and 2012 playoff tickets.

If you need any assistance, please contact your Capitals Guest Services Specialist at (202) 266-2350 or via email to:

What happens when my tickets are sold?
Once your posted tickets are purchased, the amount of the sale price is credited, less the 10% seller fee. The barcodes on your sold tickets are cancelled and new barcodes are issued. The new tickets are then electronically delivered to the buyer via ticketFast®, without the hassle and delay of standard mail delivery, for at-home printing using any standard printer.

Prior to posting your tickets, you must choose to either:
  1. Apply resale credit towards your Capitals account for the following season’s renewal, or
  2. Request Ticketmaster to have money deposited to a valid bank account when your seats are sold.
Please allow 15 to 20 business days after your tickets are sold to process and deposit the payment.

How do I apply my resale credits from the rest of the season and the 2012 playoffs?
Any resale credit received for remaining games and 2012 playoffs after January 31, 2012, will remain as credit on your season-ticket account but will not be applied to your 2012-13 season-ticket balance until the July 15 Power Pay charge.

Resale credit accrued from the resale of your tickets on Ticketmaster TicketExchange by January 31, 2012 will be applied to your 2012-13 ticket balance, and noted on your 2012-13 renewal invoice.

What happens if my tickets do not sell?
You will be notified via email if your tickets do not sell before your indicated expiration date. Your listing will be automatically removed and your original tickets will still be valid for entry. If you cannot attend the game, you also have the option of emailing your tickets to a friend via Ticket Forwarding (Additional forwarding fees may also include an authentication and ticketFast® delivery fee.)

Are there additional fees?
Sellers pay 10% of the posting price only when their posted tickets have sold. Buyers pay additional fees during the purchase process, which will be reflected in the listing price of the ticket. Additional fees may also include an authentication and ticketFast® delivery fee.

Can I purchase additional game tickets on TicketExchange as a season-ticket holder?
Yes, season-ticket holders can use TicketExchange to purchase additional Capitals tickets directly from other season-ticket holders. Buying through TicketExchange is safe, secure and easy, and with email delivery, you'll receive your extra tickets right away.

What are the benefits of using Ticketmaster TicketExchange?
Ticketmaster TicketExchange offers fans a legitimate and secure forum for buying and selling tickets online. You set your own price when you resell tickets.

The total integration of TicketExchange with Ticketmaster systems provides a seamless solution for overall fan satisfaction. Since only Ticketmaster tickets may be posted on TicketExchange, buyers are guaranteed authenticity and exact seat locations.

When a ticket is sold, the original barcode is cancelled and a new one is issued, eliminating the possibility of counterfeiting. TicketFast® enables immediate email delivery of purchased tickets, saving customers the time and trouble of coordinating transactions.

TicketExchange also uses built-in pricing regulations based on the locations of the seller and the event in order to ensure compliance with state laws that set the maximum allowable resale price per ticket.

I also see the option to donate my tickets to charity, how does that work?
Donations can be made online only up to 48 hours prior to a home game. All ticket donors are issued a tax deductible receipt directly from the Most Valuable Kids Program.

The Capitals have partnered with the Most Valuable Kids program ( to distribute donated tickets. The Most Valuable Kids program works with child focused nonprofit organizations in the Washington, D.C./Baltimore areas to receive donated tickets as well as nonprofit agencies serving injured soldiers, active military and their families.

Want to get in touch?

The Washington Capitals Guest Services Department hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Game day office hours are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. To contact the Guest Services Department, call 202-266-2350 or email (email access is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)