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All-Inclusive Pregame Packs

The Washington Capitals Pregame All - Inclusive Pack is a unique and memorable way to treat yourself and others to a great game-day experience!

The package includes
  • Ticket to the game
  • Pregame all-you-can-eat buffet in the Clubhouse
  • Unlimited beer, wine and soda
  • Washington Capitals New Era hat
  • Washington Capitals rally towel

All-Inclusive Pricing
Price Level Center Preferred* Lower Preferred* Club Level* Mezzanine End*
Gold $280 $235 $235 $150
Blue $230 $195 $195 $135
White $205 $175 $175 $99
Red $175 $160 $160 $89
*All prices are per seat, per game.

2011-12 Seat Location/Price Levels
Center Preferred: Center
Center Preferred: Attack
Center Preferred: Defend
Lower Preferred: Attack
Lower Preferred: Defend
Loge Preferred: Attack
Loge Preferred: Defend
Mezzanine Center
Mezzanine End: Attack
Mezzanine End: Defend
Mezzanine Corner: Attack
Mezzanine Corner: Defend
Club Level: Center
Club Level: Attack
Club Level: Defend
Acela Ledge - 1
Acela Ledge - 2
Standing Room Only
2011-12 Game Schedule
Date Day Opponent Color
9/26/11 Monday Columbus (preseason) Red
9/30/11 Friday Buffalo (preseason) Red
10/2/11 Sunday Chicago (preseason) Red
10/8/11 Saturday Carolina Gold
10/10/11 Monday Tampa Bay Red
10/15/11 Saturday Ottawa White
10/18/11 Tuesday Florida Red
10/22/11 Saturday Detroit Gold
11/1/11 Tuesday Anaheim Red
11/8/11 Tuesday Dallas Red
11/12/11 Saturday New Jersey White
11/21/11 Monday Phoenix Red
11/23/11 Wednesday Winnipeg White
11/25/11 Friday NY Rangers Gold
11/29/11 Tuesday St. Louis Red
12/1/11 Thursday Pittsburgh Gold
12/3/11 Saturday Ottawa White
12/9/11 Friday Toronto White
12/13/11 Tuesday Philadelphia White
12/20/11 Tuesday Nashville Red
12/28/11 Wednesday NY Rangers Gold
12/30/11 Friday Buffalo Blue
1/3/12 Tuesday Calgary Red
1/11/12 Wednesday Pittsburgh Gold
1/13/12 Friday Tampa Bay Blue
1/15/12 Sunday Carolina Blue
1/17/12 Tuesday NY Islanders Red
1/24/12 Tuesday Boston White
2/5/12 Sunday Boston Gold
2/7/12 Tuesday Florida White
2/9/12 Thursday Winnipeg White
2/13/12 Monday San Jose White
2/24/12 Friday Montreal Blue
2/28/12 Tuesday NY Islanders White
3/2/12 Friday New Jersey Blue
3/4/12 Sunday Philadelphia Gold
3/6/12 Tuesday Carolina White
3/8/12 Thursday Tampa Bay White
3/11/12 Sunday Toronto Blue
3/23/12 Friday Winnipeg Blue
3/25/12 Sunday Minnesota Blue
3/27/12 Tuesday Buffalo White
3/31/12 Saturday Montreal Gold
4/5/12 Thursday Florida Blue