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1st 00:31BUFShotTim Connolly Wrist Shot
1st 01:11BUFHitSteve Montador hit Alex Ovechkin
1st 01:18WSHGoalNicklas Backstrom (13) Wrist Shot, assists: Alex Ovechkin (20), Alexander Semin (17)
1st 01:50WSHShotBrendan Morrison Wrist Shot
1st 06:47WSHGoalMike Green (8) Slap Shot, assists: Eric Fehr (11), Chris Clark (11)
1st 07:46WSHShotTomas Fleischmann Snap Shot
1st 08:04WSHPenaltyAlexander Semin Tripping against Matt Ellis
1st 08:11BUFHitPaul Gaustad hit Tom Poti
1st 09:05WSHHitJeff Schultz hit Clarke MacArthur
1st 10:11WSHShotAlexander Semin Wrist Shot
1st 10:12WSHShotBrendan Morrison Wrist Shot
1st 10:27WSHHitJohn Erskine hit Michael Grier
1st 11:05WSHShotJohn Erskine Slap Shot
1st 12:41BUFHitAdam Mair hit Mike Green
1st 13:23WSHShotDavid Steckel Tip-In
1st 14:49BUFHitMichael Grier hit Mike Knuble
1st 15:18WSHShotMike Green Snap Shot
1st 15:34WSHShotMike Green Snap Shot
1st 16:06WSHShotNicklas Backstrom Wrist Shot
1st 16:09BUFHitTyler Myers hit Nicklas Backstrom
1st 16:21WSHShotAlex Ovechkin Wrist Shot
1st 16:37WSHShotBrooks Laich Backhand
1st 16:38WSHShotChris Clark Wrist Shot
1st 17:11BUFShotMatt Ellis Slap Shot
1st 17:22BUFHitToni Lydman hit Brooks Laich
1st 17:47BUFShotSteve Montador Slap Shot
1st 17:53BUFHitClarke MacArthur hit Tom Poti
1st 18:21WSHHitAlex Ovechkin hit Tim Kennedy
1st 18:50WSHShotAlexander Semin Wrist Shot
1st 19:12WSHHitAlex Ovechkin hit Jochen Hecht
1st 19:31BUFShotDrew Stafford Wrist Shot
1st 19:57WSHHitJohn Erskine hit Drew Stafford
2nd 00:29WSHShotEric Fehr Snap Shot
2nd 00:52BUFShotDrew Stafford Wrist Shot
2nd 01:02BUFHitTyler Myers hit Nicklas Backstrom
2nd 01:13BUFShotJochen Hecht Backhand
2nd 01:50BUFShotNathan Paetsch Wrist Shot
2nd 01:58BUFShotCraig Rivet Wrist Shot
2nd 02:22WSHHitMike Knuble hit Nathan Paetsch
2nd 02:52WSHPenaltyMike Knuble Interference against Paul Gaustad
2nd 02:57BUFShotTyler Myers Slap Shot
2nd 03:19BUFShotDrew Stafford Wrist Shot
2nd 03:21BUFPenaltyDrew Stafford Roughing against Michal Neuvirth
2nd 03:51WSHShotBrendan Morrison Wrist Shot
2nd 04:08WSHPenaltyBrendan Morrison Interference against Derek Roy
2nd 04:24BUFShotJason Pominville Slap Shot
2nd 04:56BUFShotDerek Roy Wrist Shot
2nd 05:04BUFGoalPaul Gaustad (7) Wrist Shot, assists: Derek Roy (19)
2nd 05:25WSHShotAlexander Semin Wrist Shot
2nd 06:07WSHShotAlexander Semin Wrist Shot
2nd 06:40BUFHitPaul Gaustad hit Matt Bradley
2nd 06:47WSHHitQuintin Laing hit Steve Montador
2nd 08:07WSHHitJohn Erskine hit Henrik Tallinder
2nd 08:24WSHHitJohn Erskine hit Jochen Hecht
2nd 09:18BUFShotAndrej Sekera Wrist Shot
2nd 09:26BUFShotTim Connolly Tip-In
2nd 09:46BUFShotPaul Gaustad Wrist Shot
2nd 09:51WSHHitBrooks Laich hit Michael Grier
2nd 10:31WSHShotMike Green Slap Shot
2nd 10:47WSHShotTomas Fleischmann Wrist Shot
2nd 10:48WSHGoalBrendan Morrison (10) Wrist Shot, assists: Tomas Fleischmann (9), Mike Knuble (12)
2nd 10:48WSHHitNicklas Backstrom hit Derek Roy
2nd 11:02WSHShotAlex Ovechkin Wrist Shot
2nd 11:33WSHShotAlex Ovechkin Slap Shot
2nd 11:35WSHShotAlexander Semin Wrist Shot
2nd 12:52BUFGoalTim Connolly (7) Tip-In, assists: Steve Montador (8), Michael Grier (4)
2nd 13:25BUFShotToni Lydman Slap Shot
2nd 13:26BUFShotJason Pominville Wrist Shot
2nd 13:41BUFShotTim Connolly Wrist Shot
2nd 14:17BUFShotSteve Montador Slap Shot
2nd 14:51BUFHitTyler Myers hit Alexander Semin
2nd 15:16WSHHitJohn Erskine hit Michael Grier
2nd 15:23BUFShotJochen Hecht Slap Shot
2nd 15:56WSHHitChris Clark hit Drew Stafford
2nd 16:19WSHHitMatt Bradley hit Andrej Sekera
2nd 17:12WSHShotTomas Fleischmann Snap Shot
2nd 17:51WSHHitTomas Fleischmann hit Adam Mair
2nd 19:33WSHShotMatt Bradley Wrist Shot
2nd 19:42WSHHitMatt Bradley hit Andrej Sekera
2nd 19:51BUFShotMichael Grier Wrist Shot
2nd 19:54BUFShotJason Pominville Wrist Shot
3rd 01:57WSHShotMike Knuble Wrist Shot
3rd 02:30BUFShotDerek Roy Wrist Shot
3rd 03:11WSHHitDavid Steckel hit Matt Ellis
3rd 04:16WSHHitAlex Ovechkin hit Henrik Tallinder
3rd 04:44WSHShotBrooks Laich Wrist Shot
3rd 06:36BUFShotMichael Grier Wrist Shot
3rd 07:03WSHHitAlex Ovechkin hit Paul Gaustad
3rd 07:45BUFShotTim Kennedy Wrist Shot
3rd 07:52BUFShotJochen Hecht Snap Shot
3rd 08:29WSHHitQuintin Laing hit Steve Montador
3rd 09:14WSHHitJohn Erskine hit Matt Ellis
3rd 09:20BUFPenaltyCraig Rivet Hooking against Tomas Fleischmann
3rd 10:09BUFHitTyler Myers hit Brooks Laich
3rd 10:29BUFPenaltyPaul Gaustad Tripping against Tomas Fleischmann
3rd 10:55WSHGoalNicklas Backstrom (14) Snap Shot, assists: Alexander Semin (18), Alex Ovechkin (21)
3rd 12:10WSHGoalAlex Ovechkin (24) Slap Shot, assists: Brooks Laich (17), Mike Green (27)
3rd 13:12BUFHitDrew Stafford hit Matt Bradley
3rd 13:15WSHShotQuintin Laing Wrist Shot
3rd 13:45WSHHitJohn Erskine hit Tim Kennedy
3rd 13:52BUFHitTim Kennedy hit Matt Bradley
3rd 14:14BUFHitTim Kennedy hit Matt Bradley
3rd 14:42BUFShotAndrej Sekera Slap Shot
3rd 15:07BUFHitSteve Montador hit Brooks Laich
3rd 15:58BUFShotTyler Myers Wrist Shot
3rd 16:50BUFShotClarke MacArthur Backhand
3rd 17:04BUFHitPaul Gaustad hit Quintin Laing
3rd 17:16BUFShotTim Connolly Snap Shot
3rd 18:00WSHShotEric Fehr Backhand
3rd 18:22WSHShotAlex Ovechkin Slap Shot
3rd 18:48WSHShotMike Knuble Wrist Shot
3rd 19:25BUFShotPaul Gaustad Wrist Shot
3rd 19:32BUFShotTim Connolly Wrist Shot
3rd 19:37WSHShotBrendan Morrison Wrist Shot
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4S. MontadorD01-12020:46
5T. LydmanD0001017:46
9D. RoyC01-12017:28
10H. TallinderD00-10018:26
13T. KennedyL00-11013:07
19T. ConnollyC1026019:13
21D. StaffordR00-23211:50
22A. MairC0000013:02
25M. GrierR0112017:52
28P. GaustadC1023220:24
29J. PominvilleR0103015:35
37M. EllisL000109:21
38N. PaetschD000109:13
41C. MacArthurL00-11014:00
44A. SekeraD00-12019:01
52C. RivetD0001219:40
55J. HechtC00-23017:01
57T. MyersD00-12020:59
30R. Miller3338.86860:00
3T. PotiD00-10019:05
4J. ErskineD0001020:13
8A. OvechkinL1215020:54
9B. MorrisonC1015213:49
10M. BradleyR0001010:38
14T. FleischmannL0114013:00
16E. FehrC0102011:38
17C. ClarkR0101011:45
19N. BackstromC2014022:19
21B. LaichC01-12016:09
22M. KnubleR0112214:30
26S. MorrisonnD0010017:02
27K. AlznerD00-10016:50
28A. SeminR0215220:00
39D. SteckelC00-11012:54
52M. GreenD1124024:08
53Q. LaingL0001010:07
55J. SchultzD0010018:59
30M. Neuvirth3234.94160:00
scoring summary
1st Period
01:18WSH Nicklas Backstrom (13) ASST: Alex Ovechkin (19), Alexander Semin (16) 1 - 0 WSH
06:47WSH Mike Green (7) ASST: Eric Fehr (10), Chris Clark (11) 2 - 0 WSH
2nd Period
05:04BUF Paul Gaustad (7) ASST: Derek Roy (20), Jason Pominville (15) 2 - 1 WSH
10:48WSH Brendan Morrison (10) ASST: Tomas Fleischmann (9), Mike Knuble (12) 3 - 1 WSH
12:52BUF Tim Connolly (7) ASST: Steve Montador (8), Michael Grier (4) 3 - 2 WSH
3rd Period
10:55WSH PPG - Nicklas Backstrom (14) ASST: Alexander Semin (17), Alex Ovechkin (20) 4 - 2 WSH
12:10WSH PPG - Alex Ovechkin (24) ASST: Brooks Laich (17), Mike Green (28) 5 - 2 WSH
penalty summary
1st Period
08:04WSH Alexander Semin  Tripping against  Matt Ellis
2nd Period
02:52WSH Mike Knuble  Interference against  Paul Gaustad
03:21BUF Drew Stafford  Roughing against  Michal Neuvirth
04:08WSH Brendan Morrison  Interference against  Derek Roy
3rd Period
09:20BUF Craig Rivet  Hooking against  Tomas Fleischmann
10:29BUF Paul Gaustad  Tripping against  Tomas Fleischmann
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays0/32/2
Faceoff Wins3327
Blocked Shots1524
Penalty Minutes66